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The Steve Jobs Way Innovation Training Program Announced


The Steve Jobs Way Innovation Training Program Announced

Quantum Learning Signs Licensing Agreement with Jay Elliot,
Author of «The Steve Jobs Way»
New «Market-Leading Innovation» Training Program to Be Offered
Based on Elliot’s Book

CAMPBELL, CA (August 26, 2011) – Quantum Learning, Inc. (QLI), a research-based
provider of advanced sales and marketing training programs, and Jay Elliot, author
of the book «The Steve Jobs Way», jointly announced
today a licensing agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, QLI will develop
and market a new training program called «Market-Leading Innovation(tm) (The
path to Innovation Excellence)» which will be based on Elliot’s book. The financial
structure of the agreement was not disclosed.
«For the last three years, Quantum has been studying the behaviors and practices
of some of the world’s most innovative market leaders and has developed a series
of workshops to help senior managers, team leaders and individual contributors
achieve the same success,» said Fredric Marshall, founder and CEO of Quantum
Learning, Inc.

Market-Leading Innovation is a suite of research-based tools, skills and insights
developed to measurably improve an organizations ability to design, build and
deliver meaningful innovations. The program is designed to solve three strategic
1. How do we design and deliver products/services that fundamentally reframe
the rules of competition and set new standards customer value?

2. How do we take an existing organization with legacy people and systems and
transform their ability to envision and execute market-leading innovations?

3. How do we create whole new categories of products/services (and hence revenue
streams) that fundamentally change the future?

«Jay worked directly with Steve Jobs for many years and understands as well as
anybody on the planet how Steve Jobs and Apple consistently deliver market-leading
innovations-year after year, product after product,» Marshall explained. «For
me, Jay’s book was a revelation because it connected the dots between what happens
in the executive suite and what happens at the team and individual contributor
level where the hard work of innovation really happens.»

«Steve Jobs pushed the boundaries of innovation in the tech industry by combining
a unique approach to product design with masterful marketing,» said Jay Elliot,
author of ‘The Steve Jobs Way.’ «Now, the book’s insight into how Steve went
about orchestrating a successful product is being coupled with Quantum Learning’s
expertise in achieving organizational change. It’s a perfect platform for helping
large organizations execute market-leading innovations that fundamentally change
the way their people interact with their customers.»

About Jay Elliot
Jay Elliot has more than 30 years of operations experience with corporate giants
such as IBM, Intel and Apple Computer. During his time at Apple in the early
’80s, he was a senior vice president responsible for corporate operations and
worked directly for Steve Jobs. In his recently released book, «The Steve Jobs
Way: iLeadership for a New Generation,» which he co-authored with William Simon,
Elliot shares his observations.»

More recently, Elliot became the founder and CEO of Nuvel, Inc. Headquartered
in Campbell, CA, Nuvel delivers software and hardware solutions that enhance
productivity, provide exciting new capabilities, and improve the experience for
all internet users including enterprises, individuals, and underserved communities.
Nuvel dramatically increases the speed and performance of the Internet, significantly
improving last-mile connectivity and the user experience for all computing and
mobile devices. For more information, visit

About Quantum Learning, Inc.
Founded in 1992, Quantum Learning, Inc. is a research-based provider of advanced
change management, sales and marketing skills for biotechnology, pharmaceutical
and information technology leaders. The Newtown, PA company has consulted with
and provided advanced sales, marketing and organization development solutions
for some of the world’s most highly respected corporations, including: Apple,
Pfizer, General Electric, IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, Amgen, sanofi-aventis, Novartis,
AT&T, Colgate-Palmolive, Chubb & Son, Ethicon, and Xerox. For more information,
call 215-579-0540 or visit


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