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Year of the Dragon: Chat in Chinese and Share New Year Greetings Using Acapela’s Mandarin Text to Speech Voice!

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Year of the Dragon: Chat in Chinese and Share New Year Greetings Using Acapela’s Mandarin Text to Speech Voice!

Meet ‘Lulu’, Acapela’s brand new Mandarin voice, and select her as your spokesperson for cheerful & chatty greetings

MONS, Belgium, January 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Happy New Year from Lulu!

To introduce herself to the Chinese community, Lulu is providing the voice for ‘Little Dragon’, a free greetings card designed to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Available on, the ‘Little Dragon’ talking e-card will offer Chinese speaking people around the world the possibility to exchange greetings and best wishes using Acapela text to speech.

Text to speech transforms any text into spoken words in real time, opening up unexpected ways to communicate. The internet user types in a greeting and Lulu comes in to turn the words, written in Chinese, into a pleasant audio result. A single click brings ‘Little Dragon’ to life and delivers the personal message, as immediate and effective as the spoken word.

Acapela Group, the voice expert, is happy and proud to launch Lulu at the same time as this very special and important occasion for Chinese people. The Mandarin voice is joining the company’s multilingual portfolio and will open up new territory for Acapela text to speech.
Lulu is responding to the demands of Acapela’s customers and partners for linguistic coverage of China and provides Chinese companies with a natural and high quality text to speech voice. Lulu will be available for use throughout the range of Acapela solutions, providing a voice for any application or service that needs to speak to facilitate access to content – IVR, mobile apps, accessibility solutions, education, audio publishing, mobile internet or cloud computing, to mention but a few.

‘We are very happy to be launching our Mandarin voice to coincide with the Chinese New Year. We hope that Dragon’s energy, vitality and unbridled enthusiasm will bring luck and success to Lulu. We are proud to add the Chinese language to our multilingual portfolio and we are very excited about upcoming deployments. Meanwhile, we look forward to Little Dragon performing Chinese greetings and spreading the word ‘ adds Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group.

Little Dragon, as part of chatty characters, shares the possibilities of speech synthesis with Internet users and allows the user to evaluate the advantages speech synthesis can bring to many different business and entertainment environments. shows how far speech synthesis can help companies develop their brand awareness and add audible value to their content and messages.

Meet the ‘Little Dragon’ and Lulu at

Visit Acapela Weibo page at

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