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AOC’s Portable 16-inch USB Monitor Now$99 For a Limited Timea tRetailers Nationwide


AOC’s Portable 16-inch USB Monitor Now$99 For a Limited Timea tRetailers Nationwide

AOC’s must-have laptop accessory – a USB-powered, lightweight monitor ideal for multi-tasking and on-the-go dual monitor setups – on special March 16-31

Fremont, Calif.  – March 14, 2012– AOC, a worldwide leader in monitor display technology, announces a limited time special promotion on the portable 16-inch USB Monitor (e1649fwu), the ultimate laptop accessory. From March 16 through March 31, 2012, the monitor will be available for $99, which is $40 off the MSRP.

The 16-inch USB Monitor features a convenient built-in USB port that receives both power and signal via a single USB cable for plug-and-play connection. The AOC e1649fwu also combines productivity and portability into an elegant and lightweight display, providing an ideal take-along monitor for business presentations, and for other multi-screen applications like social media monitoring, photo editing, expanded spreadsheets and more. The USB Monitor is available now at Best Buy, Walmart, Micro Center, Newegg, HHGregg, Amazon, Circuit City, CompUSA, TigerDirect, ABC Warehouse, Electronics Express, and other major retailers.

“This portable USB monitor is very simple to use and enhances productivity more than any other laptop accessory on the market,” said Robert Velez, AOC Marketing Manager. “At a price of only $99, it is a must-have for both mobile professionals and home office users.”

With the 16-inch USB Monitor, AOC continues its commitment to providing the latest in digital display technologies and innovative styling.  The monitor offers impressive image quality with a 1366 x 786 resolution. Enabled by the DisplayLink DL-125 chip, the AOC 16-inch USB Monitor easily integrates with existing desktop / notebook environments and is supported on all leading operating systems including Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 & Apple MAC OSX Tiger / Leopard and Lion. Linux support is also available through many of the standard distributions.

The USB Monitor features a handy built-in Smart Stand that pivots out when needed and stores flush against the back of the monitor when not in use.  The foldable stand supports both portrait and landscape display. The e1649fwu has a clean and modern aesthetic that is complemented by a black piano-polish finish on the bezel, while a hard glass screen offers superior protection. One laptop can even support multiple USB Monitor connections to create a multi-monitor setup.

Every AOC monitor is manufactured to meet the most stringent green standards. Along with being mercury free, the packaging for the eco-friendly USB Monitor is made from recycled materials. In addition, AOC’s industry-leading LED display technology allows for a powerful and crystal clear display while minimizing power consumption.


* Panel Type: LED
* Widescreen 16:9
* Screen Size: 15.6” Viewable Image Size, Diagonal
* Max. Resolution: 1366×768 @60Hz
* Input Signal: 1 USB
* Special Features: One USB cable supplies power and video
* Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 & Apple MAC OSX Tiger / Leopard and Lion


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