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GIGABYTE at #CES2023: Power of Computing to Reshape the World

GIGABYTE at #CES2023: Power of Computing to Reshape the World

Taipei, January 6th, 2023 – GIGABYTE, a leading supplier of computer hardware and pioneer in the tech industry, presents “Power of Computing” at CES 2023 to demonstrate exceptional computing prowess that drives innovative technologies forward. An extensive range of enterprise and personal computer solutions are brought to the show to resonate with the theme.


Data Center is an integral part of making technological breakthroughs. GIGABYTE has always been trusted as a pioneer in developing new server products for developers, and worked on software integrations to provide product solutions that are in line with the future of the digital age. GIGABYTE brought to CES its next-gen server hardware and computing technology that unleashes greater performance, improved energy efficiency, and is ready for high-density compute with the latest CPUs and GPUs to accelerate workloads of any scale. Also showcased is an enterprise-grade workstation that coupled with MyelinTek’s ready-to-go MLOps AI development environment. The MLOps’s easy-to-use interface enables engineers to quickly train AI models suited for their innovations, and the workstation’s outstanding performance allows a painless implementation.

Computing demands are facing a thermal dilemma in which performance gain is at environment’s sacrifice. GIGABYTE’s Air, Liquid, and Immersion Cooling Solutions are specially designed to increase heat dissipation efficiency, empowering servers to deliver exceptional high performance while lowering carbon emissions, paving the way for a sustainable future without sacrificing economic growth. At its CES booth GIGABYTE also debuts TO15-Z40, which is an OCP server compatible with all major immersion tanks, to show the most future-proof computing to industry leaders who wish to create a balance in tech advancements and environmental sustainability. 

Vehicle tech is thriving as it leverages the power of computing to helm artificial intelligence and communications, therefore paving way for safer driving and smarter traffic. With extensive experience in developing ADCU (Autonomous Driving Control Unit) and ADAS DCU (Domain Control Unit), GIGABYTE provides the automotive industry with high-performance Zonal Integrated DCUs and decision-making control hosts, which are built with a centralized architecture and can be integrated into various requirements and design concepts, lowering vehicle production costs. 

GIGABYTE launched its newest iteration of AERO creator laptops and AORUS gaming laptops just in time before CES begins. Both laptops series are built with 13th gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics cards, and in addition, are designed with the latest technologies, to present tech fanatics with computing performance that exceeds their expectations. The newly crowned CES 2023 Innovation Award winner, Stealth 500 PC DIY Kit, and a whopping 48” gaming monitor are also showcased for users to feast their eyes on.

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